«Henry - Guardian of Nature»

Concept art «Henry - Guardian of Nature»

Concept art «Henry - Guardian of Nature»


A Story-driven adventure game about diversity of nature

«Henry – Guardian of Nature» is a story-driven adventure game that tells the story of a mystical botanist and protector of all living creatures, living far away from civilisation. Threatened by the nearby destruction of the forest, Henry goes out on a magical journey to face his biggest challenge yet: to retune humanity and their perception of nature´s variety.


Producer´s note

The worldwide loss of biodiversity and the extinction of plant and animal species is a serious and urgent issue. While cause and effect of climate change are intensively discussed, the consequences of a decreasing biodiversity are widely neglected. Habitat loss, land use, pollution, overexploitation or armed conflicts have a fatal impact on our flora and fauna. The balance of our ecosystem is at stake and it’s time to reconsider our view on nature and protection of diversity. To enable an emotional and joyful approach to the topic, Inlusio Interactive is producing a story-driven adventure game for an international market with stunning visuals, animations and a fantastic soundscape. The game is created in partnership with two marvellous artists: Thanks to the wonderful and unique style of motion designer Chloe Jackson and the music of the renowned singer-songwriter Tom Rosenthal, «Henry – Guardian of Nature» is set out to be a unique and meaningful experience.